Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some high-quality definitions randomly observed:

guitar face: the face you make when in pain, ecstasy or passing massive amounts of gas. (bonus link HERE - am I the only one that laughs?

safety buzz: The amount of alcohol (or other substance) intake neccessary to provide a reason to try and make a move on someone. If this person is not receptive to the advance, then he/she can later claim that it was the substance talking and not them. However, if he/she welcomes the advance, there is nothing to worry about.

break the seal: The point at which you first piss after you have been drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage and at this point you will be pissing every ten minutes.

unprotected sleep: turning off your alarm clock and immediately going back to sleep; risking not waking up for a job, class, or other daily task. usually crude; always entertaining.


Matthew said...

Been a big fan of "breaking the seal" for a few years now. It's precise and appropriate.

Rachel said...

Yep, I think you are the only on that laughs. =)

Rachel said...

Why do I feel the need to correct typos on blogger?

Big Chris said...

because you make fun of other peoples' typos?

<( ^-^)>